I Imagined That Going Differently

On Sunday morning, Jack opened his birthday presents from his family.  One of them was an alarm clock that was going to go in his new big-boy room.  I decided to wait and ask him if he would like to have a new bedroom before I just made that (big) decision for him.  He’s been talking about it constantly, so I knew what he was going to say.

“Jack, I want to ask you something very important:  Would you like to have your own room?  We can move all of your things in this morning, if you like?”
Jack thought carefully for a moment.  Looked at his little brother and said, “No.  I don’t think Sam’s ready.”
The night before, they stayed up until the wee hours with nightlights on and small chitterchatter filling the room.  Jack reading books to Sam and Sam returning the favor with cuddles and an annoying poke here and there.
Again and again, I’m reminded of this sweet quote:

And so I did.


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